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Who Will Have A better Rookie Season?

 Andrew Luck and RG3 have high expectations going into the season, regardless of where they both landed. It seems like RG3 is in a better situation than Luck but Luck isn’t in a big hole like people assume. Yes, I know the Colts are in rebuilding mode but they still managed to keep Reggie Wayne, which is a big tool for Luck to use. As well as capturing Luck’s safety planket in the second round of the draft, Cobe Fleener. I’m not saying the Colts have a good offense, Luck just has a few toys he can manage with that’s all. That being said, RG3 will still have a better rookie season. He has a better defense, more toys, and fits right into the system that Mike Shanahan runs. Luck is more “NFL-ready” but RG3 is in a better situation and should be able to make plays with his legs, something Luck isn’t too known for. Both rookies should be solid and give their team a big boost.

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